Spheres & Floating Discs
Ball candles are an elegant, stylish alternative to traditional pillar candles! It's prefect for a festive look of parties or the holidays.
K6210-00-00: burns for about 6hrs
Contents 6 x 6 x 4
dia 40 mm (each sphere)
Carton (mm) 440 x 330 x 230
CBM 0.033

K6212-00-00: burns for about 12hrs
Contents 6 x 12
dia 60 mm (each sphere)
Carton (mm) 425 x 300 x 280
CBM 0.036

K6215-00-00: burns for about 14hrs
Contents 6 x 10
dia 70 mm (each sphere)
Carton (mm) 350 x 250 x 500
CBM 0.044

Floating Discs
The simple elegance of this stark and Spartan floating candle disc contributes to an undestated, stylish, clean, contemporary setting. Place an assortment of round floater candles in a glass container filled with water, the water tinged with food colouring for added effect. Bowl not included.
K7504-00-00: small burns for about 6hrs
Contents 6 x 12
50 dia x 25 mm (each small disc)
Carton (mm) 370 x 275 x 190
CBM 0.019

K7505-00-00: large burns for about 8hrs
Contents 6 x 8
80 dia x 45 mm (each large disc)
Carton (mm) 385 x 280 x 305
CBM 0.033