Halloween Series
Pumpkin Face is one of the main item for the Halloween. It is made by wax. Glass holder and candle are already set inside the Pumpkin Face.
When the candle is lighted, the light overflows from its eyes and mouth which brings out the expression of the Pumpkin Face. Make sure to light the candle in the glass candle holder.

Pumpkin Face
K6909-00-00: burns for about 8hrs
Content 1 x 6
105 dia x 100 mm (each pumpkin face)
Carton (mm) 340 x 230 x 130
CBM 0.010

Pumpkin SS
K6912-00-00: burns for about 12hrs
Content 6 x 12
68 dia x 55 mm (each pumpkin SS)
Carton (mm) 440 x 300 x 210
CBM 0.028

Pumpkin M
K6913-00-00: burns for about 25hrs
Content 4 x 6
80 dia x 120 mm (each pumpkin M)
Carton (mm) 540 x 360 x 145
CBM 0.029