About Us

Lighting Up The World
We are recognized worldwide as a reliable manufacturer and exporter of quality wax products for a variety of occasions.  Our products include Basic, Round, Square, Pillar, Dinner, Votive, Tealight, Sphere, Floating, Metallic, Twist, Taper, Spiral, Luminous, Hexagon, Frosted, Stripe, Collaboration, Legume, Bamboo, Heart, Holly Berry, Christmas, Novelty, Halloween, Easter, Outdoor, Pot, Antique and decorative candles.  Besides the manufacturing of candles for religious and daily use, we also produce beautifully crafted Art candles for numerous occasions, be it a simple gift or a beacon outdoor.

Where We Are Today
In view of our tremendous growth, an international sales department was established to provide better and prompt service to all our valued clients as well as to solicit for new markets.  At a production of 700 metric tones per month, we at Sinaran are confident to make the promises we know we can keep.  Our shipping department handles all shipping and forwarding procedure as well as the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) which Sinaran is enjoying.  There is no anti-dumping duty for export from Malaysia or Vietnam to USA. Through this advantage, we export candles to major countries like U.S.A, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden & the middle east countries.

Our Mission
Ensure highest product quality
Provide efficient service to all customers
Striving towards achieving excellence and success
To keep all promises